Custom Mobile Forms

Let Victory Tech Services docs eliminate your paper forms and convert your existing paper documents or Excel spreadsheets into online forms that can be accessed from anywhere and from multiple devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones! Once converted, you can send and receive data such as inventories, service calls, and checklists to an Email account and/or your Hosted SharePoint website. Custom Mobile forms can be created with your business logic in mind which can trigger workflows and processes to run when your criteria is set. Mobile forms will save time and money as all of your forms become digital, centralized and completely searchable and reportable.

Offline Forms

No connection? No problem! Business logic and calculation rules are always available, and data you collect is stored locally on the device. Work on multiple drafts of multiple forms, and submit to a queue that syncs when connected.

Rich data

Make the most of your mobile hardware. With Custom Mobile Forms you can capture signatures from the touch screen, photos from the camera, locations from GPS, and bar codes from a Bluetooth scanner. You can even annotate your photos with electronic ink.

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