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Let Victory Tech Services take your onsite or hosted cloud-based SharePoint site to the next level. We have years of experience pushing the limits of the out-of-the-box functionality of multiple SharePoint environments. The benefits of this type of customization is in its ability to eliminate the need for expensive programmers.

Many companies experience iStock_000038172310_Large the pain of this type of customization when they want to move away from 3rd parties who have performed extensive customization to their SharePoint environments. Many of these companies will not tell you that in order to upgrade to the next version of SharePoint, much of their previous customizations will not carry over and will need to be re-programmed.

Victory Tech Services can customize SharePoint within the existing framework of the application which insures easy and reliable transfer/upgrade when the next version of SharePoint is deployed. If your organization takes advantage of this type of SharePoint development/customization, it can upgrade quicker and for much less than companies who perform extensive custom programming.

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